Food Safety Diagnostic Solutions


Romer Labs® has the world broadest product line for mycotoxin analysis, covering all major mycotoxins and commercially available diagnostic technologies. Furthermore, Romer Labs has the largest portfolio of reference materials for mycotoxins: Biopure™ products are available in liquid, solid and various mixture solutions, as well as 13C internal standards.

Romer Labs® rapid test kits have been approved by numerous internationally recognized organizations such as AOAC or the USDA. Our chromatographic methods, in particular the MycoSep cleanup columns has been references in hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and is part in AOAC official methods and referenced by the Japanese FDA.

Romer Labs® offers an extensive line of products for aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin), fumonisins, zearalenone, ochratoxins, T2 & H-T2 toxins, patulin, nivalenol, moniliformin, ergot alkaloids and many more.

Food Pathogens

Romer Labs® offers RapidChek® lateral flow test strips with proprietary enrichment media, the patented RapidChek®SELECT phage-based enrichment systems and RapidChek® CONFIRM immunomagnetic confirmation tools. These products are approved for the detection of pathogens such as Salmonella, Salmonella Enteritidis, Listeria and E. Coli in a variety of food, feed and environmental samples.

Food Allergens

Romer Labs® offers ELISA and Lateral Flow Tests for all relevant food allergens. The AgraQuant® sandwich ELISAs are used to quantify the amount of the allergen in question whereas AgraStrip® Lateral Flow Tests are used for rapid and simple detection. An overview on our products for allergen detection>>

Gluten Analysis

The Romer Labs® portfolio for gluten analysis includes AgraStrip® Lateral Flow Tests, as well as AgraQuant® ELISAs. A next generation monoclonal antibody, called G12 is employed  in both formats and ensures the accurate and precise detection of gluten. More information on our gluten products>>

GMO Test Kits

Romer Labs® has the industry's largest portfolio of GMO tests. The product line includes the strip tests (TraitChek™ & SeedChek™), as well as ELISAs (GMOChek™). More information on our extensive GMO test kit portfolio>>

Veterinary Drug Residues

Romer Labs® offers diagnostic solutions for veterinary drug residues, ranging from AgraQuant® ELISA tests to reference materials including fully labeled internal standards. More information on our veterinary drug residues testing options>>

Melamine Analysis

Romer Labs® has developed two AgraQuant® ELISA tests for melamine analysis for detection in food and feedstuff. Furthermore, we offer Biopure™ reference materials including internal standards. More information on our melamine tests>>

Enzymatic Food Analysis

The EnzymeFast® product line encompasses test kits for enzymatic food analysis including for sugars, alcohols and acids. More information on EnzymeFast® kits>>

Romer Mills

Romer Labs® world's renown mills for sample preparation >>


The Romer Labs® Check-Sample-Survey is a proficiency testing scheme for mycotoxins and allergens. More on the dates and details of this program>>