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Food Allergen Testing

Food allergy, an immune response to proteins present in food that the body mistakenly believes are harmful, is an important health problem of increasing concern in developed countries. Allergens are the largest single cause of global product recalls, with the major risk for food manufacturers being the potential for cross contamination with food allergens during production processes. The aim of any food manufacturer‘s Food Allergen Management Program is to minimize this risk. An important tool in any allergen management plan is testing for the presence or, better still, absence of allergens.

AgraQuant® Allergen ELISA Kits

Romer Labs® developed a range of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based test kits, the AgraQuant® Allergen ELISA Kits. These sandwich ELISAs are used for the quantitative analysis of food allergens in the laboratory.

Item No. Product No. of Wells
COKAL0748 AgraQuant® ELISA Almond  48
COKAL1048 AgraQuant® ELISA β-Lactoglobulin  48
COKAL1200 AgraQuant® ELISA Casein  96
COKAL3148 AgraQuant® ELISA Cashew  48
COKAL2248 AgraQuant® ELISA Crustacea  48
COKAL0848 AgraQuant® ELISA Egg White  48
COKAL2548 AgraQuant® ELISA Fish  48
COKAL0348 AgraQuant® ELISA Hazelnut  48
COKAL0500 AgraQuant® ELISA Histamine  96
COKAL0548 AgraQuant® ELISA Histamine Rapid
COKAL1548 AgraQuant® ELISA Lupin  48
COKAL2848 AgraQuant® ELISA Lysozyme  48
COKAL2448 AgraQuant® ELISA Milk  48
COKAL2148 AgraQuant® ELISA Mustard  48
COKAL2948 AgraQuant® ELISA Ovalbumin  48
COKAL0148 AgraQuant® ELISA Peanut  48
COKAL2748 AgraQuant® ELISA Pistachio  48
COKAL1948 AgraQuant® ELISA Sesame  48
COKAL0448 AgraQuant® ELISA Soy  48
COKAL0948 AgraQuant® ELISA Walnut  48

For gluten/gliadin analysis please refer to our gluten page.

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AgraQuant® Allergen Plus ELISA Kits

AgraQuant® Plus Allergen Test Kits are based on the sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technique coupled to a fast extraction procedure. The Test Kits can be applied to analyze foodstuffs (raw materials as well as processed food), environmental samples and rinse waters. 

Item No. Product No. of Wells
COKAL0748F  AgraQuant® Plus Almond 48
COKAL1248F  AgraQuant® Plus Casein 48
COKAL3148F  AgraQuant® Plus Cashew 48
COKAL1848F  AgraQuant® Plus Egg 48
COKAL0348F  AgraQuant® Plus Hazelnut 48
COKAL1648F  AgraQuant® Plus Macadamia nut 48
COKAL2148F  AgraQuant® Plus Mustard 48
COKAL0148F  AgraQuant® Plus Peanut 48
COKAL2748F  AgraQuant® Plus Pistachio 48
COKAL1948F  AgraQuant® Plus Sesame 48
AgraStrip® Allergen Test Strips

In addition, Romer Labs® has a new product line for the rapid and simple detection of allergens- the AgraStrip® Allergen Test Strips, a lateral flow strip test designed for application in the production facility. Real time testing using on-site lateral flow methods allows for quick testing and immediate decision making, especially when a fast turnaround or trouble shooting is necessary. Solid products such as raw materials, in-process materials or finished products and liquid samples such as liquid products or rinse water can be tested. Furthermore, surface swabbing can be conducted. Everything is supplied within the test kit (no equipment required) and being stored at ambient temperatures allows immediate use of the test. The kits are easy to use, require few skills and only a minimal amount of training.

Item No. Product No. of Tests
COKAL0710AS AgraStrip® Almond 10 Strips
COKAL1710AS AgraStrip® Brazil Nut 10 Strips
COKAL1010AS AgraStrip® β-Lactoglobulin 10 Strips
COKAL1210AS AgraStrip® Casein 10 Strips 
COKAL1310AS AgraStrip® Cashew/Pistachio 10 Strips
COKAL2210AS AgraStrip® Crustacea 10 Strips
COKAL0310AS AgraStrip® Hazelnut 10 Strips 
COKAL1510AS AgraStrip® Lupin 10 Strips
COKAL1610AS AgraStrip® Macadamia nut 10 Strips
COKAL2110AS AgraStrip® Mustard 10 Strips
COKAL0110AS AgraStrip® Peanut 10 Strips
COKAL1910AS AgraStrip® Sesame 10 Strips
COKAL0410AS AgraStrip® Soy 10 Strips
COKAL2410AS AgraStrip® Total Milk 10 Strips
COKAL0910AS AgraStrip® Walnut 10 Strips
COKAL1810AS AgraStrip® Whole Egg 10 Strips 
COKAL1206AS AgraStrip® Wine extraction buffer - Casein* 10 mL
COKAL1806AS AgraStrip® Wine extraction buffer - Whole Egg** 10 mL

*AgraStrip® Wine extraction buffer - Casein has to be used with the AgraStrip® Casein Kit

**AgraStrip® Wine extraction buffer - Whole Egg has to be used with the AgraStrip® Whole Egg Kit

For gluten/gliadin analysis please refer to our gluten page.

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Allergen Management


For gluten/gliadin analysis please refer to our gluten page.