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Aflatoxins mainly produced by the Aspergillus species are routinely detected with rapid tests (e.g. ELISA, LFD, Fluorometric tests) and reference methods (chromatography, e.g. LC-FLD or LC-MS/MS).

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ELISA for Aflatoxin Analysis

When a rapid aflatoxin test result is needed AgraQuant® ELISA kits will deliver quantitative results within 10 to 20 minutes. An ELISA reader, such as the StatFax® or ChroMate® Reader is applied to quantify the test kit’s results.

Item No. Product No. of Wells
COKAQ1100 AgraQuant® ELISA Total Aflatoxins (1-20 ppb)  96
COKAQ1148 AgraQuant® ELISA Total Aflatoxins (1-20 ppb)  48
COKAQ1000 AgraQuant® ELISA Total Aflatoxins (4-40 ppb)  96
COKAQ1048 AgraQuant® ELISA Total Aflatoxins (4-40 ppb)  48
COKAQ8000 AgraQuant® ELISA Aflatoxin B1 (2-50 ppb)  96
COKAQ8048 AgraQuant® ELISA Aflatoxin B1 (2-50 ppb)  48
COKAQ7200 AgraQuant® ELISA Aflatoxin M1 Fast (100-2000 ppt)  96
COKAQ7248 AgraQuant® ELISA Aflatoxin M1 Fast (100-2000 ppt)  48
COKAQ7100 AgraQuant® ELISA Aflatoxin M1 Sensitive (25-500 ppt)  96
COKAQ7148 AgraQuant® ELISA Aflatoxin M1 Sensitive (25-500 ppt)  48
Item No. Product
EQOLE1409 StatFax® 303 ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.)
EQOLE1408 ChroMate® 4300 ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.)

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Lateral Flow Device for Aflatoxin Analysis

Sometimes quick test results are needed in remote areas and, therefore, test systems for field use are essential. In such cases, AgraStrip® lateral flow device tests can rapidly analyse raw food and feed commodities in just 3 to 5 minutes without the need of any major equipment. LFD reader such as Romer Labs’ AgraVision™ is needed for a quantification of these test results.

Item No. Product No. of Tests
COKAS1100 AgraStrip® Afla (4 ppb) 24
COKAS1100U AgraStrip® Afla (4 ppb - incl. Whirl-Pak® bags) 24
COKAS1200 AgraStrip® Afla (10 ppb) 24
COKAS1200U AgraStrip® Afla (10 ppb - incl. Whirl-Pak® bags) 24
COKAS1000 AgraStrip® Afla (20 ppb)  24
COKAS1000U AgraStrip® Afla (20 ppb - incl. Whirl-Pak® bags) 24
COKAS1500A AgraStrip® Afla M1 Quantitative (0-600 ppt) 24
COKAS1600A AgraStrip® Total Aflatoxin Quantitative (incl. Whirl-Pak® bags) 24

AgraStrip® Total Aflatoxin Quantitative Test WATEX (incl. filter Whirl-Pak® bags)

Item No. Product
EQASR1003 AgraVision™ Reader (for AgraStrip® LFD Quantitative)

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Fluorometric Tests

A quick fluorometric test named FluoroQuant® can be applied to quantitatively measure aflatoxins within a wide detection range from 0.5 up to 5000 µg/kg in only a few minutes due to the natural fluoroscene of aflatoxins.

Item No. Product No. of Tests
COKFA1010 FluoroQuant® Afla 25
COKFA3070 FluoroQuant® Afla Plus (Acetonitrile) 25
COKFA3070D FluoroQuant® Afla Plus (Methanol) 25
COKFA4010 FluoroQuant® Afla IAC (US Domestic Version) 25
COKFA4020 FluoroQuant® Afla IAC (International Version) 25
COKFA4030 FluoroQuant® Afla IAC (70/30 peanut) 25

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A purification of the sample extract is essential for a reference test method such as HPLC, which is routinely done with a highly specific antibody based 3-step immunoaffinity cleanup or a rapid solid phase extraction based 1-step MycoSep® or MultiSep® cleanup.

Item No. Product No. of Columns
COCMU2224 MultiSep®224 AflaZON 25
COCMU2226 MultiSep®226 AlfaZON+ 25
COCMU2228 MultiSep®228 AflaPat 25
COCMY2112 MycoSep®112 AflaZON (small size) 25
COCMY2224 MycoSep®224 AflaZON 25
COCMY2226 MycoSep®226 AflaZON+ 25
COCMY2228 MycoSep®228 AflaPat 25
COIAC1001 AflaStar™ FIT IAC (1mL format) 25
COIAC1004 AflaStar™ R IAC 25
COIAC1005 AflarStar™ R M1 IAC 25
COIAC1501 AflaStar™ FIT 500
COIAC1504 AflaStar™ R 500

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  Reference Materials

Each reference test method requires Biopure liquid calibrants, liquid calibrant mixes or solid calibrants for a calibration of the analytical method. Furthermore, these calibrants can be applied to fortify food and feed matrices with aflatoxins to simulate contaminated food or feed during internal method validations. Quality control materials are required for a final accuracy check.

LC-MS/MS technology

Nowadays, more and more laboratories perform multitoxin analyses with LC-MS/MS systems. Matrix effects influence the analyte ionization in these high-end spectrometers, which can cause signal suppressions or enhancements. Internal standards, such as Biopure 13C-labeled calibrants, are required to correct these systematic errors. In addition, Biopure liquid calibrants, liquid calibrant mixes and solid calibrants are needed to perform system calibrations. And finally, naturally contamined quality control materials are available to check for accuracy.

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