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RapidChek® E. coli O157 (incl. H7)

As a beef processor, there is absolutely nothing more important than producing safe products and protecting your company’s brand image.

Romer Labs can help you do that with our RapidChek E. coli O157 (including H7) Test System. The RapidChek E. coli O157 (including H7) Test System is one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable testing solutions available. The system has been AOAC validated (License Number 070801) for testing composite raw beef samples.



RapidChek E.Coli

The RapidChek E. coli O157 System offers processors:

  • Confidence in Your Testing Results
  • Faster Product Release Time
  • Lower Overall Testing Costs
  • More Information Regarding Potential Contamination Risk in Plant Operations

The RapidChek E. coli O157 Test System is the perfect solution for processors that are looking to improve their HACCP programs and truly monitor their plant’s hygiene while maintaining regulatory compliant testing.
Validated for detecting E. coli O157 (including H7) in raw beef samples ranging from 25-375 grams in size. The system is simple, reliable, affordable and one of the fastest screening systems available. 

The RapidChek E. coli O157 Test System is currently approved by:

AOAC RapidChek E.coli    

Item No. Product Qty
7000157 RapidChek® E. coli O157 Test Kit, Does not include media 50 Tests
7000161 RapidChek® E. coli O157 Enrichment Media 500 g
7000158 RapidChek® E. coli O157 Test Kit, Does not include media 500 Tests
7000165 RapidChek® E. coli O157 Enrichment Media 5kg Bucket
7000161S RapidChek® E. coli O157 Media Pouch 1 L
7000157P RapidChek® E. coli O157 Test Kit with Media Pouches 50 Tests


RapidChek Confirm E.coli

Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS) Kit

The RapidChek® CONFIRM™ non-O157 STEC IMS Kit is designed for the confirmation of the presence of the “Big Six” non-O157 STECs – O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, O145 - in beef samples. The RapidChek CONFIRM IMS Kit isolates E. coliO26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145 in the enriched potential positive samples for confirmation on conventional, selective, confirmation agars. By isolating the non-O157 STECs, the use of this confirmation kit ultimately increases the accuracy and repeatability and reduces the labor and time required for confirmation.     RapidChek Confirm E.coli

The RapidChek and RapidChek CONFIRM line of pathogen detection tools are designed to provide a practical, real-world solution that does not require capital expense or extensive training. For over 30 years, Romer Labs has created application-driven solutions that protect your customers and your business. Our integrated pathogen detection solutions rely on our long-experienced, highly qualified staff members and our expertise in protein detection.

Benefits of RapidChek CONFIRM non-O157 STEC

  • Isolate E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145 present within an enriched sample
  • Increases the chances of identifying a “Big Six” non-O157 STEC from selective agar plates
  • Easy to use technology requiring no additional instrumentation



Item No. Product
7000290 RapidChek® CONFIRM™ non-O157 STEC IMS System, 100 Confirmation Tests per O-type
7000227 Magnetic Rack for IMS Kits.  Rack to be used with wash steps of isolation protocol
1028406 Sample Tubes, 400 x 2 mL sample tubes to use with magnetic rack

How Does RapidChek CONFIRM Work?

This confirmation kit uses specific, high-affinity antibodies each attached to separate magnetic particles for isolation of E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145 from enriched samples.

For confirmation, each coated magnetic particle solution is added to the potential positive enrichment and incubated. If E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 or O145 are present, it will bind to the magnetic particles via the antibody. A magnet is then used to concentrate the bound magnetic particles and the remaining enrichment is discarded leaving only magnetic particles bound to the E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 or O145. Confirmation procedures are then continued as per the reference method with the concentrated sample.

How RapidChek CONFIRM Works: Example O26 isolation.

Why is RapidChek CONFIRM needed to confirm potential positive samples?

Within an enriched meat sample, there can be mixed populations of E. coli and other organisms typically present, creating a challenging environment for isolation of “Big Six” O-type isolates. The use of the RapidChek CONFIRM IMS kit reduces the presence of other non-O157 E. coli species by concentrating the “Big Six” O-types and washing away irrelevant bacteria. When the sample is plated to selective agar for confirmation, E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145 are the predominant colonies that form increasing the likelihood of picking that organism if present within the sample. By reducing the presence of other non-O157 E. coli species, the accuracy and repeatability of the cultural confirmation is increased and the labor and time is decreased.

Validated Applications

The RapidChek CONFIRM non-O157 STEC IMS Kit has been listed by the USDA FSIS in MLG 5B.02 for use in the confirmation of E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 or O145 potential positive beef samples.