Romer Labs® Allergen Seminar in Brno, Czech Republic

Romer Labs teamed up with Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of AgriSciences, and Dynex Technologies to hold a food allergen seminar, which took place in Brno on September 25. Top-notch speakers from across the allergen industry such as Petra Maňásková (Hamé s.r.o.), Ivana Polišenská (Agricultural Research Institute Kroměříž) and Richard Kordiovský (DYNEX Laboratories s.r.o.) provided their insight into issues surrounding food allergens. The 40 participants were also able to participate in a practical laboratory workshop session to broaden their knowledge of the latest techniques and the current Romer Labs product portfolio for ELISA and LFD testing.

Romer Labs was represented by Chiara Palladino (product manager), who talked about allergens and the difficulties arising from the lack of useful reference materials, as well as by Jiři Macura (sales manager) whose presentation introduced Romer Labs and its product offering in the microbiology sector.