[Webinar] What Does “Clean” Mean? Microbial Environmental Monitoring and Its Role in Your Hygiene Program

Food safety depends on the cleanliness of food manufacturing facilities. While pathogens such as Listeria represent a real danger, the presence even of non-pathogenic bacteria can have negative consequences on how consumers experience food, reducing shelf life and quality. Keeping facilities and equipment that produce food clean is of paramount importance.

But what does “clean” mean?

In this webinar, hygiene expert Markus Dürrschmid breaks down the basics of hygiene in food production with an overview of microbial environmental monitoring.

Join us on Thursday, April 29 and learn more about:

  • Requirements and standards associated with microbial environmental monitoring
  • Basic concepts surrounding contamination and hygiene
  • Some guidelines and tools for environmental sampling
  • Practical examples A Q&A session based on your questions will conclude the webinar


Select the session that best fits your schedule. 
All times are on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

Session 1:
10:00 am, Berlin/Paris
09:00 am, London
11:00 am, Moscow

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Session 2:
09:00 am, Bogota, Lima, Quito 
09:00 am, Mexico City 

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Meet the speakers

Dr. Markus Dürrschmid

Senior Consultant, DIEZ Consulting e.U. 




Stefan Widmann 

Product Manager at Romer Labs