Romer Labs launches water-based fumonisins test kit

extended line of water-based mycotoxin test kits

Romer Labs expands its recently launched AgraStrip® WATEX® product line with the introduction of AgraStrip® Total FUM WATEX® - a water-based fumonisins test kit.

AgraStrip® WATEX® test kits are now available for aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2), deoxynivalenol, zerealenone and fumonisins (B1, B2, B3) and provide a fast, simple and eco-friendly solution for on-site mycotoxin testing. Tests for ochratoxin A are in the final stages of development.

“The test kits are optimized to extract mycotoxins using distilled water in combination with an extraction buffer. That and the fact that the same extract can actually be used to test for multiple mycotoxins, make AgraStrip® WATEX® the product of choice for simple, fast and eco-friendly mycotoxin detection.” says Dr. Kurt Brunner, R&D Director at Romer Labs.

Accuracy and robustness have been once again confirmed by the recent GIPSA approval for AgraStrip® ZON WATEX®, the product becoming the first and so far only water-based zerealenone test kit to successfully pass the GIPSA performance test.

AgraStrip® WATEX® test kits are quantitative tests. Used with the AgraVision® reader, these test kits provide objective results and secure a consistent result documentation.

All test kits come with Whirl-Pak® bags that contain integrated filter membranes. As such, there is no longer any need for additional extract clarification equipment like centrifuges or filters.

The incubator that controls the ambient test temperature and the dust- and dirt-resistant AgraVision® reader make the AgraStrip® test system very robust and well suited for on-site mycotoxin testing.

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