[Webinar] World Mycotoxin Report: Impact 2019

Molds that produce mycotoxins in grain and feed had a busy 2018. This year, animals and feed producers will begin to feel their impact. What were the mycotoxin hotspots of 2018? How will mycotoxins impact farm animals and feed producers in 2019? What are the most reliable testing methods you can use to measure mycotoxin contamination and assess risk?

Watch the webinar and learn about:

  • The results of the BIOMIN World Mycotoxin Report for 2018
  • Upcoming mycotoxin threats to poultry, swine and ruminants worldwide
  • The dangers posed by the presence of multiple mycotoxins
  • The potential of multi-mycotoxin analysis
  • Innovative technologies for mycotoxin deactivation