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SurfACE Fabric Swabs

Microbiology Bakteriell Indikator Krankheitserregende Bakterien Schädliche Mikroorganismen Lebensmittelverarbeitung

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Grouped product items
Article numberGrößeVerpackungseinheitBufferPackagingStatus
1000458955 oz, 1.62 L Bag200Maximum Recovery Diluent (Peptone Salt)
1000618855 oz, 1.62 L Bag200Neutralizing Buffer 1 fabric swab per bag

Description & Properties

Romer Labs fabric swabs, also known also swab cloths, are pre-moistened with 10 ml of your buffer of choice. The cloth is a blue, biocide-free, non-woven, wood-pulp/polyester fabric, measuring at 28 x 32 cm, folded twice and placed in a 55 oz., 7.5 x 12" (19 x 30 cm) Twirl-Tie™ bag. Bags can be opened easily with the attached pull-tabs and include a label area for sample identification. Like all microbial sampling products, they are irradiated for proven sterility.
MikrobiologieBakteriell, Indikator, Krankheitserregende Bakterien, Schädliche Mikroorganismen
Lagerungstemperatur15°C - 25°C