AgraStrip® Pro GMO Test Kits | Fast, simple quantification of GMOs

AgraStrip® Pro GMO lateral flow devices enable the rapid, on-site quantification of the most common GM traits in corn, soy and canola.  

AgraStrip® Pro GMO strips are extremely sensitive and designed for use with the AgraVision™ Pro reader, which enables a streamlined assay and an intuitive, walk-away operation. The AgraVision™ Pro reader is also designed to test for mycotoxins using AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® mycotoxin test strips. 

The system can independently and simultaneously test up to 4 samples for different traits, while the simple operation helps eliminate common handling errors.  

The AgraVision™ Pro reader controls timing, temperature and flow, all in a streamlined procedure, and delivers results within a few minutes. With its integrated incubator and resistance to dust and dirt, the reader secures precise and quantitative results and allows for consistent documentation. 

Features and Benefits

Rapid: Get your grain trucks tested and cleared with a testing time of 5 to 10 minutes and the capacity to test 4 samples at once on-site. 

Simple: Enjoy the intuitive, automated operation of the AgraVision™ Pro reader; no more errors in incubation timing and temperature. No cups, manual timing or strip-cutting needed. 

Sensitive: LODs as low as 0.1 % GMO in bulk grains. A high-sensitive method for RUR in soy has an LOD of 0.05%. 

Reliability, quantified: The AgraVision™ Pro reader was designed to deliver reliable, quantified results. Get precise readings in easy-to-understand percentage form. 


TraitChek™ AgraStrip® Pro GMO / AgraVision™ Pro

Item No.


Quantitation Range

Limit of Detection


10006554 AgraStrip® Pro RUR Bulk Grain 0.1 - 5 % 0.1 %* 50 tests
10006555 AgraStrip® Pro LL Bulk Grain Strip

0.25/0.05 - 5 % 

0.25 % in soy (LL27)
0.05 % in soy (LL55)
0.5 % in corn and canola

50 tests
10006324 AgraStrip® Pro Reader n/a n/a Reader
10006483 AgraStrip® Pro Printer n/a n/a Printer
10006484 AgraStrip® Pro Scanner n/a n/a Scanner
10006623 AgraStrip® Pro Wi-Fi dongle n/a n/a Wi-Fi dongle


*High-sensitive method available with a LOD of 0.05%