Ergot Alkaloid Testing Solutions

Ergot alkaloids are potent toxins that occur in rye, wheat and triticale. They are produced by fungi of the Claviceps species. These fungi are able to produce a wintering body, also known as sclerotium. Sclerotia contain different classes of alkaloids, the most prominent being ergometrine, ergotamine, α-ergosine, ergocristine, α-ergocryptine and ergocornine.

Most countries have established regulations to protect consumers from the harmful effects of ergot alkaloid intake. New regulations for ergot alkaloids go into effect in the European Union on January 1, 2022. Learn more about thresholds for raw materials, food and feed.



Cleanup Columns

The MycoSep® column contains packing materials made of adsorbent mixes specially designed for all food and feed commodities, for a fast cleanup within 30 seconds.

The cleanup column ensures a fast and reliable purification of your samples.

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Item No. Product Specificity No. of Columns
10001950 MycoSep® 150 Ergot Ergot Alkaloids 25


Reference Materials

Under the brand Biopure™, Romer Labs offers a broad range of ergot materials. These high quality products are available in a dried down format as single calibrants.

Here you can download our complete Biopure Product List.

Analytical Service


Analytical Service

Romer Labs operates 3 fully accredited mycotoxin service laboratories on 3 continents – Europe, America and Asia, completing the extensive portfolio of mycotoxin test kits.

Mycotoxin testing services are offered in Austria, the United States and Singapore for a variety of sample matrices, including grains and other raw materials, and feed and food samples.

Both the ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation guarantee reliable and accurate results. We uphold our standards of accuracy and reliability by participating regularly in official proficiency testing programs.

More information on our analytical service offering can be found here.

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