Zearalenone Testing Solutions for Lab and On-Site Zearalenone Detection

Zearalenone (also known as ZON, ZEN or ZEA) is a potent fungal toxin that affects crops grown or stored in cool and moist conditions.

Zearalenone is known to cause estrogenic effects such as precocious development in swine. The toxin is formed by the Fusarium species and mainly affects corn, wheat, sorghum, barley and rye. Such Fusarium species are known to co-produce other toxins such as deoxynivalenol.

Many countries have established regulations to protect consumers from the harmful effects of zearalenone intake. The European Union has established maximum levels for food and recommendations for feed. Other countries that have established regulations are Korea, Japan and China.



Lateral Flow Devices

The AgraStrip® test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) for on-site testing. These allow a rapid analysis of a wide range of food and feed samples with an assay time as low as 3 minutes. 

The test kits are available in a qualitative or quantitative format. While qualitative LFDs can be read visually, quantitative tests are used with the AgraVision™ and AgraVision™ Pro readers to provide objective results and secure a consistent results documentation

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Item No. Quantitation Range Limit of Detection No. of Tests
AgraStrip® Pro Zearalenone WATEX®
10006316 0 – 1650 ppb 25 ppb 40
10006317 0 – 1650 ppb 25 ppb 40

1USDA/FGIS approved
3 AgraVisionTM Reader

Item No. Product
Readers for Result Quantification
10006324 AgraVision™ Pro Reader
10006483 AgraVision™ Pro Printer
10006484 AgraVision™ Pro Scanner
10002418 AgraVisionTM with Printer
10002421 AgraVisionTM
10002425 AgraVisionTM Set-Up with Reader, Printer, Incubator, Tweezer



The AgraQuant® ZON test kit is an accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Together with a StatFax® or BioTek® ELISA reader, results can be directly interpreted and continuously documented.

This ELISA test kit is the ideal solution for a parallel measurement of multiple samples with incubation times of as low as 15 minutes for up to 42 samples.

Test kit is in a ready-to-use format to reduce handling errors and comes with a set of 5 standards, an antibody coated plate, a dilution plate, a conjugate, a substrate and a stop solution.

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Item No. Quantitation Range Limit of Detection No. of Wells
AgraQuant® Zearalenone Plus
10002111 25 - 1000 ppb 20 ppb 96
10002112 25 - 1000 ppb 20 ppb 48


Item No. Product Description
Readers for Result Quantification
10002756 StatFax® ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.) Stat Fax® 4700
10002740 800 TS Reader incl. Gen5 SW  (BioTek Instruments Inc.) BioTek® 800 TS Compact Microplate Reader (405, 450, 490 and 630 nm)
10002699 ChroMate® ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.) ChroMate® 4300


Zearalenone Cleanup Columns

ZON columns range from simple one-step cleanup with MycoSep® and MultiSep® technology to immunoaffinity cleanup. These cleanup columns, some of which part of AOAC and CEN methods, ensure fast and reliable purification of your samples.


MycoSep® & MultiSep®   

Cleanup Columns

MycoSep® and MultiSep® columns contain packing materials made of adsorbent mixes specially designed for all food and feed commodities, for a fast cleanup within 30 seconds.

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Item No. Product Specificity No. of Columns
10001948 MycoSep® 112  AflaZon 

Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 & G2, Zearalenone, Zearalenol, Zearalanol

100019512 MycoSep® 224  AflaZon  Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 & G2, Zearalenone, Zearalenol, Zearalanol 25
10001953 MycoSep® 226  AflaZon+ Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 & G2, Zearalenone, Zearalenol, Zearalanol 25
Item No. Product Specificity No. of Columns
10001939 MultiSep® 224 AflaZon Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 & G2, Zearalenone, Zearalenol, Zearalanol 25
10001941 MultiSep® 226 AflaZon+ Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 & G2, Zearalenone, Zearalenol, Zearalanol 25

2AOAC official method



Cleanup Columns

Romer Labs MycoSpin® 400 multi-mycotoxin two-step cleanup column in a spin format was developed to be used for most regulated mycotoxins to shorten the time-consuming cleanup process. Multiple mycotoxins can be analyzed simultaneously by LC-MS/MS.

Highly accurate LC-MS/MS results are achieved by combining the MycoSpin® 400 cleanup with Biopure™ 13C isotope labeled standards.

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Item No. Product Specificity No. of Columns
10001961 MycoSpin® 400 Multitoxin Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 & G2, Trichothecenes Type A & B, Zearalenone, Ochratoxin A, Fumonisin B1, B2 & B3 25


Immunoaffinity Columns

StarLine™ immunoaffinity columns are designed for simple and reliable cleanup before detection of zearalenone in a broad range of different commodities. Those IAC can be used for the purification as well as concentration of mycotoxins prior to analysis by various techniques, such as HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, ELISA or direct fluorometry. 

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Item No. Specificity Format No. of Columns
ZearaStar™ R
10001973 Zearalenone 3 mL 25


Immunoaffinity Columns

MultiStar™ immunoaffinity columns belong to the StarLine™ portfolio of immunoaffinity column (IAC). These columns are designed for the reliable clean-up of samples to simplify the detection of several mycotoxins at once in a broad range of different commodities. 
MultiStar™ immunoaffinity columns combine the high purification potential of an immunoaffinity column with the convenience and power of multi-mycotoxin analysis, allowing for all regulated mycotoxins to be determined simultaneously in a single run. 

Item no. Analytes No. of columns
MultiStar™ - Immunoaffinity Column
10005407 Aflatoxins, OTA, ZON, DON, FUM, T2 and HT2 25


Reference Materials

Under the brand Biopure™, Romer Labs offers a broad range of zearalenone reference materials. These high quality products are available in liquid “ready-to-use” and crystalline forms, and as single calibrants as well as calibrant mixtures.

The stars of the Biopure™ product line are the fully labeled 13C internal standards for mass spectrometry analysis.

Quality control materials (QCM) are offered for method validation purposes and to control the performance of an analytical method.

Here you can download our complete Biopure Product List.

Analytical Service


Analytical Service

Romer Labs operates 3 fully accredited mycotoxin service laboratories on 3 continents – Europe, America and Asia -, completing the extensive portfolio of mycotoxin test kits.

Mycotoxin testing services are offered in Austria, the United States and Singapore for a variety of sample matrices, including grains and other raw materials, and feed and food samples.

Both the ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation guarantee reliable and accurate results. We uphold our standards of accuracy and reliability by participating regularly in official proficiency testing programs.

More information on our analytical service offering can be found here.

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