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Discover How CytoQuant® Works | Technology Video

In the fast-paced world of industrial food production, preventing microbial contamination is crucial. CytoQuant®, a hand-held impedance flow cytometer, offers a groundbreaking solution. But how does it actually work?

Watch our video to see the technology in action and understand how CytoQuant® can transform your microbial monitoring processes.

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How CytoQuant® Works

CytoQuant® leverages the principles of impedance flow cytometry to provide fast, accurate, and reliable microbiological counts on-site.

The sample is suspended in an electrolyte solution. Due to their intact outer layers, viable microbial cells exhibit electrical properties that vary with the frequency of a passing current. CytoQuant® measures these subtle fluctuations in impedance, allowing it to count all types of bacteria, regardless of their growth requirements or physiological state. Within just 30 seconds, CytoQuant® delivers total viable counts, enabling immediate decision-making and intervention.

Why Choose CytoQuant®?

  • Fast Results: Get total viable counts in just 30 seconds, right at the production site.
  • Accurate Monitoring: Achieve high-resolution insights into production hygiene and microbial levels.
  • Proactive Interventions: Quickly identify and address potential contamination, ensuring product safety and quality.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Simplify compliance with safety standards by performing on-site microbiological tests.

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