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Spot On: How GM Plants Conquered the World

In this issue of Spot On, we discuss how the science of GMOs helps feed the world, how to change the DNA of a plant, and the 7 worst things you can do when...


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Job Clip - R&D Technician

Julia talks about being a R&D Technician at Romer Labs.


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Third-Party Lab Improves Productivity and Workflow by Implementing RapidChek®

Endyne, Inc. is a full-service chemical and microbiological laboratory providing comprehensive environmental and product testing services through a network of...


Videos Mycotoxins

[Video] Could mycotoxin testing be faster, simpler and more reliable?

Harvest is a busy season. With trucks lining up to unload their crops, everything needs to move fast. Indispensable mycotoxin checks are common practice but...



Certificates of analysis, safety data sheets, package inserts and more, now available online

We know how important it is to have what you need when you need it. To make that possible for our product related documentation, you now have access to product...


Magazines Mycotoxins Reference Materials

Spot On: Emerging Mycotoxins – A Threat beyond Regulations?

In this issue of Spot On we will provide the answer to this question and some more as we focus on other emerging mycotoxins such as ergot alkaloids and...


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Food Allergen Testing - Facts vs. Fiction (4)

Food allergen testing sounds quite simple at first, but there are many difficulties associated with it, which can transform accurate analysis into a rather...


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Romer Labs acquires its distribution partner Coring and further strengthens its market presence in Germany

Romer Labs has intensified its direct access to the German market for food and feed safety diagnostic solutions by acquiring its long-term distribution partner,...


Articles Mycotoxins Reference Materials

Alternaria toxins

Alternaria toxins represent a possible health-endangering group of mycotoxins produced mainly by the Alternaria species. These are a widespread group of fungi...


Articles Mycotoxins

Extracting mycotoxins with water – can that work?

In order to make mycotoxins “available” for testing in an assay, they need to be extracted from ground samples. During the extraction process, mycotoxins...