[Webinar] Keeping Your Mycotoxin Results Honest: Why ISO 17034 Reference Materials Matter

Laboratory analysis by LC-MS/MS is one of the strongest tools at our disposal to protect feed and food from mycotoxin contamination. Analytical labs deliver extremely accurate results with real-world consequences for grain producers, grain traders, and producers of feed and food.

Yet how can labs confirm the accuracy of their measurements? Is there a way to guarantee that reference materials are of high quality and come from a competent producer?

In this webinar, the Romer Labs experts investigate ISO 17034-certified reference materials and their ability to fulfill the stringent requirements that ISO 17025-accredited labs have. ISO 17034-certified reference materials exhibit exceptionally high degrees of metrological traceability and feature precise data about homogeneity, stability and uncertainty.

You will also learn:

  • What ISO is and what it does
  • The reason for the ISO 17034 standard
  • The criteria that certified reference material producers have to fulfill, such as characterization, stability, and traceability
  • How ISO 17034 reference materials can help analytical labs, especially those with an ISO 17025 accreditation

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Meet the speakers:

Anna Lilek
Laboratory Manager for Reference Materials, Romer Labs

Anna Lilek joined Romer Labs in 2008 as laboratory technician specializing in reference material production. After eight years as quality manager and internal auditor for the accredited labs in Tulln (ISO 17025 and ISO 17034), she now manages the activities in the reference material production department. She leads the production of Biopure™ products with special focus on the certification and development of the (certified) reference materials ((C)RMs) within the ISO 17034 accreditation scope.

She has extensive, multi-year experience in the technical aspects of fermentation, and in the isolation and clean-up of mycotoxins as well as in the areas of ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 accreditation. She was instrumental in the Tulln laboratorys’ initial accreditation according to ISO Guide 34 (the predecessor of ISO 17034) in 2014 and according to ISO 17034 in 2022.

Eleonore Stamminger
Product Manager, Mycotoxin Analytics and Reference Materials

Eleonore joined Romer Labs in March 2021 as product manager for mycotoxin reference testing and is responsible for application support, market research and the development of new products. She provides scientific and technical advice to sales staff worldwide and conducts training sessions and webinars for customers.

She has experience with the chromatographic analysis of various substances and contaminants, including mycotoxins. In the past, she has particularly focused on correct sampling of various commodities and quality control.