[Webinar] Rapid, Simple, Robust Testing for Mycotoxins: Introducing the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® System

Do you test for mycotoxins at reception points for raw materials or as part of your compliance program? Do you operate a mycotoxin risk management program on site? Are you worried about sacrificing speed for analytical precision?

No matter why you test, one thing is certain: you need a mycotoxin detection solution that is rapid, easy-to-use and robust.

In this webinar, Nora Kogelnik, product manager at Romer Labs, discusses the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® system, the new system for the reliable, on-site quantification of mycotoxins.

Topics include:

  • The basics of the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® system
  • Details about the individual test strips for total aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, total fumonisin and zearalenone
  • The AgraVision™ Pro reader
  • Who the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX® system is designed for
  • How it works

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