Introducing AgraStrip® Pro GMO Test Kits: Rapid, On-Site Quantification of the Most Common GM Traits in Corn, Soy and Canola

October 13, 2022 – Romer Labs, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food and feed industries, is announcing the launch of the AgraStrip® Pro GMO line of rapid test kits. By combining established AgraStrip® lateral flow devices with the AgraVision™ Pro reader, the solution offers the same precise quantification and high degree of sensitivity while setting new standards in ease-of-use.

The AgraVision™ Pro reader allows for the independent and simultaneous testing of up to four samples in an intuitive, walk-away procedure. It eliminates common handling errors by managing timing, temperature and flow, delivering quantified results in an easy-to-understand percentage format. Manual timing and strip-cutting are not necessary. 

With limits of detection as low as 0.1%, AgraStrip® Pro GMO test strips are among the most sensitive available. AgraStrip® Pro RUR Bulk Grain, which features a market-leading LOD of 0.05% in its high-sensitive method, quantifies CP4 EPSPS in soy, while AgraStrip® Pro LL Bulk Grain quantifies PAT in soy, corn and canola. 

Kurt Brunner, Managing Director: “We at Romer Labs have always prided ourselves on knowing what our customers need and our ability to deliver it. We are now bringing to our GMO customers the benefits of the AgraStrip® Pro system that our mycotoxin customers already enjoy: speed, sensitivity and a degree of simplicity in operation that can only be called intuitive.” 

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