Romer Labs Introduces Biopure™ ISO 17034 (Certified) Reference Materials for Most Commonly Tested Mycotoxins

MARCH 31, 2022 – Romer Labs, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food and feed industries, is announcing the launch of Biopure™ ISO 17034 (Certified) Reference Materials. These well characterized reference materials fulfill all criteria that ISO 17025-accredited laboratories require for reference materials and cover the most commonly tested mycotoxins: aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, and G2; T-2 and HT-2 toxins; nivalenol; deoxynivalenol; zearalenone; ochratoxin A; and fumonisins B1 and B2.

As the precision of measuring equipment and the requirements for more accurate and reliable data in diagnostics increase, so does the demand for high-quality reference materials. Labs with or aspiring to an ISO 17025 accreditation need to demonstrate that their reference materials meet accepted standards for traceability, stability and homogeneity. Furthermore, the degree of uncertainty must be clearly stated and the characterization of the reference materials must be fully transparent.

Biopure™ ISO 17034 (Certified) Reference Materials meet these needs. Both ISO 17034 Certified Reference Materials and ISO 17034 Reference Materials (not certified) undergo the same rigorous process of characterization according to ISO 17034. All come with a certificate that states the assigned value and the uncertainty and provides information about the production process and product characterization. The purity of all raw materials is assessed by an accredited quantitative NMR method, and all final products are tested for homogeneity and long-term as well as short-term stability.

Kurt Brunner, Managing Director: “We at Romer Labs operate our own ISO 17025-accredited laboratories, so we know from our own experience the challenges that confront analytical labs seeking to maintain high standards in a demanding environment. With our Biopure™ ISO 17034 (Certified) Reference Materials, we go a long way in providing labs with quality that they can rely on.”

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