Romer Labs® Launches Only FGIS-Approved Water-Based Test Kit for Ochratoxin A

With the AgraStrip® Ochratoxin A WATEX test kit, Romer Labs is expanding its already comprehensive line of water-based, rapid test solutions for mycotoxins. The AgraStrip® Ochratoxin A WATEX® kit is the only water-based test kit for ochratoxin A to receive FGIS approval and to feature a 3-minute assay time.

June 16, 2020 – Romer Labs, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food and feed industries, is introducing a new test kit to its portfolio of lateral flow devices for the detection of mycotoxins. The AgraStrip® Ochratoxin A WATEX® test kit enters the market with the only FGIS approval for a water-based test kit for this mycotoxin. With an extraction time of 2 minutes and an assay time of 3 minutes, this kit sets a new standard in convenience for the detection of ochratoxin A.

All AgraStrip® WATEX mycotoxin kits share the same water-based extraction procedure, making it simple to test for 5 mycotoxins from the same extraction in an environmentally friendly way.

Ochratoxin A belongs to a group of mycotoxins produced by molds such as Aspergillus ochraceous and Penicillium verrucosum; they are subject to regulations in food and animal feed in several jurisdictions throughout the world. Found in raw commodities such as grains, as well as coffee, soy and wine, ochratoxin A has been classified as a Group 2B potential human carcinogen. Animal feed ingredients contaminated with ochratoxin A are particularly dangerous to poultry and swine.

The AgraStrip® Ochratoxin A WATEX® kit saves time and effort. Preparing the buffer and sample is easy to learn. Getting quantitative results is just as simple with the AgraVision reader.

Eva Wanzenböck, Managing Director, Romer Labs: “All of us in the Romer Labs team are proud to welcome this new ochratoxin A test kit to our AgraStrip® line of rapid solutions. The FGIS approval simply underscores what we already knew: it is possible to design a kit for a field-testing environment that is eco-friendly, fast, reliable and sensitive.”


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