Romer Labs UK Testing Lab for GMO, Melamine and Meat Speciation

Romer Labs UK Ltd. operates a service laboratory in Runcorn, Cheshire, United Kingdom. The Laboratory is ISO 17025Initiates file download accredited through the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and ISO 9001Initiates file download certified through TÜV Nord and operates dedicated facilities for GMO testing by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in different feed, food and seed samples.

Sampling and turn-around time

Analytical results refer strictly to the submitted sample. The extent to which the sample is representative depends on the sampling procedure which is of crucial importance.

For GMO testing in grains please submit a minimum number of 3000 seeds. For other matrices like animal feed and food, samples of at least 50 - 100 g are required.

Your Romer Labs representative is happy to consult you on the right sampling procedures.

Our normal turn-around time is 10 working days. Faster testing within 72 hours or same day results are available on request and at an additional charge. Contact your local Romer Labs representative or laboratory for more information.

Sample submission

To submit a sample, please use the form below. 

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Analytical Service


Analytical Service

Romer Labs UK offers the following analytical services for GMO:

GMO Varieties1UKAS Accredited
GMO (PCR) - Qualitative
Roundup Ready SoyaYes
Bt-176 MaizeYes
Bt-11 MaizeYes
MON810 MaizeYes

1LOD of all GM varieties 0.1%

TypeUKAS Accredited
GMO Screen - Qualitative
GMO Screen2
(35S, NOS)
GMO Maize Screen2
(35S, NOS, BAR)

2Limit of Detection 0.1% for GM elements

TestUKAS Accredited
GMO (PCR) - Quantitative
% 35S in Total Soya3Yes
% Roundup Ready Soya in Total Soya3  Yes

3Limit of Detection 0.325%

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