Melamine Testing Services in Singapore and US

Melamine, a by-product of the coal industry, is a chemical compound frequently used for the production of plastics, kitchenware, commercial filters, laminates or coatings.

Melamine is very high in nitrogen. This has led to its illegal addition to food and feed for alteration as the high nitrogen content increases the apparent amount of protein in standard measurement procedures.

Residues like melamine are regulated by law and their levels in food must be checked.

Analytical Service


Analytical Service

Romer Labs offers melamine testing services in 2 of its ISO 9001 certified laboratories in Singapore and the US.

Item No.AnalysisMethodLimit of Detection
Singapore Laboratory

Melamine (in milk & milk powder) 

HPLC100 ppb (milk powder)
50 ppb (milk)
AS8100MelamineELISA100 ppb (milk)
500 ppb (milk powder)
2000 ppb (feed sample)
Item No.NameMethodology
U.S. Laboratory
RA2260Melamine, Ammeline, Ammelide, Cyanuric AcidLC-MS/MS


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