Pesticide Testing Services at Romer Labs Singapore

Residues like pesticide are regulated by law and their levels in food and feed commodities must be checked.

Romer Labs offers pesticide analyses in its ISO 9001Initiates file downloadcertified service laboratory in Singapore.

Analytical Service


Analytical Service

For pesticide analyses samples of at least 200 g are required.
Our maximum turn-around time is 14 working days.

Item No.AnalysisMethodologyLimit of Detection

Organophosphorus (OP)

LC-MS/MS0.05 µg/kg
AS9502Organochlorus (OC)LC-MS/MS0.01 µg/kg
AS9503PyrethroidsLC-MS/MS0.05 µg/kg
AS9504CarbamatesLC-MS/MS0.1 µg/kg
AS9505DithiocarbamatesLC-MS/MS0.5 µg/kg


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