Romer Labs has developed an accessible proficiency testing program called “Check-Sample-Survey” (CSS) for mycotoxins and food allergens aimed at serving all stages in the agro-food supply chain.

The Check-Sample-Survey is an important tool in modern laboratory quality management and provides participants with high-quality information about the performance of their respective laboratory analysis. The testing materials and statistical evaluation on its homogeneity are supplied by the production unit of reference materials at Romer Labs (Biopure), with top-level expertise in the preparation of quality control materials.

The organisation of the CSS is done in the Romer Labs headquarters in Austria, but the company uses its extensive network of subsidiaries, as well as partners, to make sure the testing samples also reach the most remote laboratories in the world.

CSS procedure:

In case you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: office-europe(at)