HygieneChek™ - Simple On-Site Hygiene Testing

HygieneChek™ dip slides are an easy-to-use, reliable and economic microbiological testing and transportation system. It is based on a double-sided agar paddle which is used to detect and identify various microorganisms commonly found in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The only equipment required for HygieneChek™ is an incubator. An optional extra would be a bench top autoclave.

The test system consists of a container with a screw cap and a removable agar paddle. The agar preparation becomes therefore obsolete. HygieneChek™ kits can be stored (with some exceptions) at room temperature and offer a long shelf-life compared to classic agar plates.

Superior microbial growth & spectrum of applications

The unique thickness of the agar layer on the paddles support superior microbial growth while preventing the agar from drying out. With over 20 different dip-slides, Romer Labs offers the broadest spectrum of applications including selective agar media for Salmonella, Listeria or Staphylococcus aureus.



Romer Labs offers a growing list of agar-based hygiene monitoring tests.

Item No. Product Quantity
49404R Total count / Total count 20 pieces
49405R Total count / Lactic acid bacteria 20 pieces
49406R Total count / Coliforms 20 pieces
49410R Lactic acid bacteria /
Yeasts and Molds
20 pieces
49412R Total count / Yeasts & Molds 20 pieces
49413R Staphylococcus / Staphylococcus 20 pieces
49416R Yeasts & Molds / Yeasts & Molds 20 pieces
49417R Coliforms / Coliforms 20 pieces
49421R Coliforms / Yeasts & Molds 20 pieces
49423R TTC total count / Yeasts & Molds 20 pieces
49424R TTC total count / Coliforms 20 pieces
49426R TTC Total count / TTC Total count 20 pieces
49428R Disinfection control /
Disinfection control
20 pieces
49435R CHROMagar E. coli / Coliforms 20 pieces
49436R CHROMagar Salmonella / CHROMagar Salmonella 20 pieces
49441R Listeria / Listeria 20 pieces
49446R Enterobacteriaceae / Total count 20 pieces
49449R CHROMagar S. aureus / CHROMagar S. aureus 20 pieces
49457R Enterobacteriaceae / Enterobacteriaceae 20 pieces
Z252000 thermocult Small-Size Incubator 230 V


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