Reference Materials for Accurate and Reliable Detection of Plant Toxins

Romer Labs offers plant toxin reference materials under the brand name Biopure.

Biopure™ calibrants for plant toxins cover a group of alkaloids and are high quality reference materials characterized by appropriate independent methods (HPLC, NMR and LC-MS/MS) to ensure their identity and purity.

The plant toxin reference materials are accompanied by certificates, created in accordance to ISO Guide 31. This includes stating the uncertainty of the target analyte and documenting the traceability of the certified value.




Romer Labs also offers a range of dried down calibrants for alkaloids, including amongst others atropine and scopolamine.

A complete overview can be found below. Click on the item numbers for more information.

Item No.ComponentConc. [μg/mL]SolventAmount.
ALK-001-1MLAtropine (on request)100dried down1 mL
ALK-004-1MLHyoscyamine (on request)100dried down1 mL
ALK-003-1MLScopolamine (on request)100dried down1 mL


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