Reference Materials for Accurate and Reliable Detection of Veterinary Drug Residues

Biopure™ calibrants for veterinary drug residues (VDR) are high quality reference materials characterized by appropriate independent methods, like HPLC, NMR and LC-MS/MS to ensure their identity and purity.

VDR reference materials are accompanied by certificates, created in accordance to ISO Guide 31. This includes stating the uncertainty of the target analyte and documenting the traceability of the certified value. 




Biopure™ calibrants for veterinary drug residues are available in a liquid ready-to-use form.

The stars of the Biopure™ product line are the fully labeled 13C internal standards for mass spectrometry analysis. These unique calibrants rely on a patented technology, proprietary to Romer Labs.

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Item No. Component Conc. [μg/mL] Solvent Amount
Veterinary / Medical Drug Residues
10001837 U-[13C17]-Griseofulvin
(on request)
25 acetonitrile 1.2 mL
10001839 Tetracycline
(on request)
2.5 acetonitrile 5 x 1 mL
10001840 U-[13C22 15N2]-Tetracycline
(on request)
2.5 acetonitrile 5 x 1 mL
10001841 U-[13C22 15N2]-Oxytetracycline
(on request)
2.5 acetonitrile 5 x 1 mL


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