Reliable Sugar Detection & Quantification

Enzymatic food analysis is a basic method of measurement for compounds such as sugars, acids, alcohols and other metabolites in foods and beverages. The high specificity of enzyme reactions allows for the analysis of food components in complex matrices.

Easy & fast procedure

Save time and effort with parallel measurements that allow up to 90 samples in a microplate format. The EnzymeFast® method requires less time and material consumption than the usual single cuvettes methods. The offered calculation sheets ensure an uncomplicated result interpretation.




Romer Labs offers a list of enzymatic test kits for rapid and reliable sugar analysis in a microtiter plate format.

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Item No.ProductNo. of Tests
COKEF0100EnzymeFast® Lactose/ D-Galactose140
COKEF0200EnzymeFast® Sucrose/ D-Glucose/ D-Fructose70
COKEF0300EnzymeFast® Sucrose/ D-Glucose70
COKEF0400EnzymeFast® D-Glucose/ D-Fructose70
COKEF0700EnzymeFast® Lactose/ D-Glucose140



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