New Romer Labs Screening Combs Enable Detection of Virtually All Commercialized GMO Events for Corn and Cottonseed

Romer Labs, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food and feed industries, is announcing the expansion of its AgraStrip® line of rapid solutions for GMO testing: AgraStrip® Corn Screening Comb Bulk Grain – TraitChek™ and AgraStrip® Cottonseed Screening Comb Bulk Grain Strip Test - TraitChek™. For the first time, it is possible to detect nearly all commercialized GM events for these crops: 92% for corn and 83% for cottonseed as listed in the ISAAA GM Approval Database. The combs feature low LODs ranging from 0.1% to 0.5% of the target events.

Each comb is a combination of lateral flow devices (LFDs, or strip tests) that together detect several GM events at once: 134 for corn and 52 for cottonseed as of September 2019. These events or combinations of events provide the plants in question with certain traits, such as insect resistance or herbicide resistance. Both test kits set new industry standards for detection: no other product currently on the market is able to provide coverage for GM cottonseed as comprehensive as the AgraStrip® cottonseed comb, while the AgraStrip® corn comb is the only one that can detect PMI protein in addition to other proteins.

Julie Sundgaard, Managing Director, Romer Labs North America: “Regulations relating to the import, export and use of GMOs in both food and feed can be a minefield. This means that producers and traders of grain and feed need to know whether their ingredients or formulations contain transgenic proteins. Our new AgraStrip® combs combine unparalleled coverage of GM events for corn and cottonseed with the ease of use that has become the hallmark of all our AgraStrip® solutions. The tests are simple and effective, providing a qualitative, ‘yes or no’ test result after a maximum of 10 minutes of incubation at extremely low LODs.”

Order the corn comb and the cotton comb from the Romer Labs online shop (US only).

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