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AgraQuant® EPSPS - SeedChek


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Descripción y propiedades

The AgraQuant® EPSPS test is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that detects qualitatively the EPSPS protein in corn and cotton leaf and single seed.
Producto/Medio ambientePruebas de Producto
Materias primascorn, cottonseed
Número de pozos96


Materiales suministrados

  • AgraQuant® EPSPS Plate - SeedChek ELISA microtiter plate
  • EPSPS antibody conjugate
  • color solution
  • stop solution

Materiales requeridos pero no suministrados

  • TraitChek sample buffer
  • precision pipettes (20-200 µL)
  • multi-channel pipette
  • pipette tips (20-200 µL)
  • paper towels
  • reagent basins
  • beaker (1 L) or graduated cylinder
  • timer
  • 20 L cubitainer
  • stirrers for mixing leaf samples
  • weigh paper or waxed paper
  • conical microtubes (1.5 mL)
  • optional: EPSPS extraction buffer
  • microplate reader
  • sample extraction equipment and supplies
  • known positive and negative seed or tissue to use as appropriate assay controls