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AgraStrip® Quantitative Corn Comb Bulk Grain - TraitChek

LFD Cualitativo Cuantitativo


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Description & Properties

The AgraStrip® Quantitative Corn Comb Bulk Grain Strip Test is a ready-to-use lateral flow device (LFD) for on-site testing that detects the CP4 EPSPS, Cry3Bb, Cry1A.105, Cry1F, Cry34Ab1, PAT and/or VIP3A proteins in corn grain.
Límite de deteccióndepends on the trait
Tipo de resultadoCualitativo, Cuantitativo
Producto/Medio ambientePruebas de Producto
CaracterísticaCP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry3Bb, Bt-Cry1A.105, Bt-Cry1F, Bt-Cry34Ab1, PAT,Vip3A
Número de pruebas20


Materials supplied

  • AgraStrip® Quantitative Corn Comb Bulk Grain Strip Test - TraitChek
  • sample cups
  • transfer pipettes

Materials required but not supplied

  • timer
  • graduated cylinder 50 mL
  • balance 400 g
  • blender
  • blender blade with gasket set
  • quantitative extraction buffer
  • 1 L nalgene bottle
  • 4 L cubitainer
  • 20 L cubitainer
  • AgraVisionTM Reader and GMO comb tray