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CytoQuant® Flow Cytometer

Microbiology Residuo de alimentos Microorganismos indicadores Citómetro de flujo móvil Cuantitativo Semi-cuantitativo


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Description & Properties

The CytoQuant® mobile flow cytometer enables the immediate, on site verification of cleaning procedures in food production facilities or other areas where hygiene is crucial by directly quantifying bacteria and residues on surfaces. CytoQuant® brings the power of flow cytometry to the convenience of a hand-held device. Using impedance fl ow cytometry, CytoQuant® measures bacteria and residue concentrations on surfaces. Separate, precise counts for each are provided in 30 seconds, without the need for pre-treatment, incubation or chemical reagents. CytoQuant® is easy to use and does not require a lab or special training.
MicrobiologíaMicroorganismos indicadores, Residuo de alimentos
Tecnología/AplicaciónCitómetro de flujo móvil
Temperatura de almacenamiento5°C - 35°C
Tipo de resultadoCuantitativo, Semi-cuantitativo
Producto/Medio ambienteMonitoreo Ambiental, Pruebas de Producto
Número de pruebas800


Materials supplied

  • 1 CytoQuant® mobile flow cytometer
  • 1 CytoQuant® CountCell for 800 measurements
  • power supply with plug adaptors for US/UK/EU/AU
  • USB cable type A/micro

Materials required but not supplied

  • CytoQuant® Swab Kit
  • CytoQuant® Cleaning Vial
  • CytoQuant® Storage Vial