SH-QCM DON, corn

Deoxynivalenol in Corn

Mycotoxins Deoxinivalenol Tricotecenos B QCM

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Grouped product items
Article numberCantidadAnalitoEmbalajeStatus
10003615 (QCM2C1)100 gDeoxynivalenolLow contamination level
10003617 (QCM2C3)100 gDeoxynivalenolHigh contamination level 

Description & Properties

QCM are naturally contaminated matrices available at different contamination levels for most of the regulated mycotoxins. QCM can be used for validating methods, periodical accuracy checks of accredited analytical methods and as positive control materials in different assays.
MicotoxinasDeoxinivalenol, Tricotecenos B
Temperatura de almacenamiento2°C - 8°C
Producto/Medio ambientePruebas de Producto


10003615 (QCM2C1):
10003617 (QCM2C3):