MycoSpin 400 Multimycotoxin

Mycotoxins Aflatoxinas Fumonisinas Ocratoxinas Tricotecenos A Tricotecenos B Zearalenona Columnas para SPE


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Description & Properties

The MycoSpinTM 400 Multitoxin column contains a combination of adsorbents that was designed for the purification of complex commodity extracts for subsequent LC-MS/MS multi-mycotoxin analysis.
MicotoxinasAflatoxinas, Fumonisinas, Ocratoxinas, Tricotecenos A, Tricotecenos B, Zearalenona
Tecnología/AplicaciónColumnas para SPE
Temperatura de almacenamiento15°C - 25°C
Product/EnvironmentProduct Testing
Materias primasGrains, Peanuts, Soy
Formato750 µL
Número de columnas25