Spot On: How to Choose The Right Allergen Test Kit

Spot On Issue 1

Food manufacturers need to know what goes into their products, and communicate the presence of any potential allergens, even in trace amounts, to consumers. Careful testing of raw materials and final products is therefore paramount.

But how does one choose the right test kit and ensure that it is suitable for use with the relevant matrices? After all, there are a lot of different food types and matrices to work with. Find answers to these questions and some more in our Spot On magazine.

In this issue:

  • Challenges in Allergen Testing: Spiking and Recoveries
  • The Hook Effect - When a Negative is not a Negative
  • A Look Beyond Immuno-Based Allergen Testing
  • Allergen Thresholds are VITAL - The Relevance of Action Levels

Enjoy your reading!

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