Product Launch: New Soy Test Kit

With the launch of an improved AgraStrip® Soy, Romer Labs reduces the total assay time of its lateral flow device to 11 minutes while maintaining high standards of analytical accuracy. In addition, a new Extraction Reagent will allow for the recovery of processed soy protein.

Romer Labs announces improvements of the rapid on-site strip test for the detection of soy. The new AgraStrip® Soy can be applied to a variety of finished food products, as well as rinse water and environmental swab samples.

The new AgraStrip® Soy was developed to protect brands and consumers from accidental soy contaminations. It uses a new and improved monoclonal antibody which allows extremely low amounts of soy to be detected in a shorter period of time. The first incubation step is now reduced from 20 to only 5 minutes, leading to a total assay time of 11 minutes.

Furthermore, the new AgraStrip® Extraction Reagent for Processed Soy improves the recovery of processed soy proteins, which are often difficult to detect, and thereby helps to avoid false negative results.

Soy represents an important food allergen all over the world. It is among the top allergens in Europe, which require labelling according to EU Regulation No 1169/2011 and is on the list of major food allergens in the USA according to the food allergen labeling act (FALCPA). Labeling of soy is furthermore mandatory in Canada, Japan and Australia/ New Zealand, all of them following Codex Alimentarius recommendations.

Soy is increasingly used as an ingredient in food preparations. The ever-present risk of cross contaminations in food production facilities has therefore risen in recent years.

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