Spot On: That Little Sample Has a Big Story to Tell

How do you get a sample of grain or feed to spill all its secrets?

Every year, we look forward to sharing the results of the BIOMIN World Mycotoxin Survey, the industry leader in identifying patterns of mycotoxin occurrence. This issue contains the survey map highlighting occurrence and risk across the globe.
But this year, the survey results are pointing us in a new direction. According to our friends at BIOMIN, we are witnessing patterns of increasing co-occurrence of mycotoxins. The problem is that these patterns are seldom predictable and can often be synergistic, meaning that the effects of two or more mycotoxins acting together can be greater than the mere sum of their effects.
That's why we devote half of this issue to mycotoxin co-occurrence and what we can do to get a sample to tell its full story.  Here's a hint: LC/MS-MS is showing great promise as a method of multi-mycotoxin analysis. How does it work? Read the issue to find out.
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