Change what you thought you knew about service

Whether it’s pathogen or allergen detection, environmental or product testing, we know that your food and feed safety needs come first.

We also know that changing your testing program isn’t the easiest thing to do. But it can be the smart thing to do.

Making the change to Romer Labs means solutions tailored to your needs, on-site training and technical support for every step along the way—without compromising on time-to-result, test accuracy and scalability.

And yes, all this without having to invest in expensive equipment or intensive training for your staff.

We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful solutions to our customers, even as they take the bold step of redesigning their testing program. Our experts will take the time to learn your business and customize solutions that keep you productive, efficient and compliant.

Learn how these companies improved their testing program by switching to Romer Labs

Third-party lab Endyne

Endyne (US) simplified workflow, held down overhead and customized their pathogen testing service to better meet their customers’ needs by introducing RapidChek®.

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Third-party lab ESS

ESS reduced costs for media, material and labor and accelerated turnaround by switching to RapidChek® SELECT for their Salmonella and Listeria testing needs.

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Nut-free cake producer

Just Love Food Company (UK) relies on AgraStrip® and Romer Labs service to test on-site, fast and cost-effectively.

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