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AgraQuant® Melamine

Melamine | 10002124 (COKAQ9300)
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The AgraQuant® Melamine is a direct competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed for the quantitative detection of melamine in food products. This product is intended for laboratory use. 


Storage temperature2°C - 8°C
Quantitation range2 - 50 ppb histamine (matrix dependent)
Limit of detection0.2 ppm histamine (matrix dependent)
Limit of quantitation2 ppb histamine (matrix dependent)
Number of wells96

Materials supplied

  • 96 antibody-coated microwells in a microwell holder sealed in a foil pouch
  • 4 ready-to-use standards (0; 20; 100 and 500 ppb)
  • 1 bottle of sample diluent
  • 1 bottle of concentrated (20X) wash buffer
  • 1 green-capped bottle of conjugate solution
  • 1 blue-capped bottle of substrate solution
  • 1 red-capped bottle of stop solution

Materials required but not supplied

  • Blender
  • analytical balance
  • vortex
  • sonicator
  • centrifuge
  • 8-channel pipette
  • wash bottle
  • microwells/plate reader
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