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AgraStrip® Beta-Lactoglobulin

Allergens | 10002032 (COKAL1010AS)


The AgraStrip® Beta-lactoglobulin test kit is a lateral flow device (LFD) designed for the on-site detection of residues of the milk protein beta-lactoglobulin in raw materials, finished food products and beverages, rinse waters and environmental samples. They allow for the simple, fast and reliable qualitative detection of beta-lactoglobulin traces.


Storage temperature15°C - 25°C
Limit of detection0.5 ppm BLG, 0.5 µg/25 cm2 BLG (swab testing)
AnalyteBeta-lactoglobulin, milk
Number of tests10

Materials supplied

  • 1 tube with 10 AgraStrip® Beta-lactoglobulin LFDs
  •  1 foil pouch with 10 incubation vials containing antibodies
  • 1 bottle of 35 mL ready-to-use extraction buffer with dropper cap
  • 10 extraction tubes and caps
  • 10 filtered dropper tips for the extraction tubes
  • 10 sterile swabs with pre-scored tips
  • 1 vial rack

Materials required but not supplied

  • blender for solid samples
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