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FluoroQuant® Aflatoxin

Mycotoxins | SH-FluoroQuant Aflatoxin
Grouped product items
Article numberLimit of detectionDetails Availability
10002176 (COKFA1010)
3 ppb
Limited availability
10002178 (COKFA1020)
Concentrate Set
Limited availability
10002185 (COKFA2040)
FluoroQuant Calibration Set
Limited availability
10002186 (COKFA3070)
0.5 ppb
Limited availability
10002187 (COKFA3070D)
0.6 ppb
Limited availability
10002188 (COKFA4000mba)
FluorQuant clean-up column
10002192 (COKFA4020)
Limited availability


The FluoroQuant® Aflatoxin Plus test kit is a rapid, quantitative fluorometric test for detection of total aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2), based on a solid phase extraction clean-up.


Item nameFluoroQuant® Aflatoxin
Storage temperature2°C - 8°C
Number of tests25

Materials supplied in the standard product

  • developer concentrate vials
  • diluent
  • 12x75 mm cuvettes with caps
  • pipette tips
  • filter paper
  • disposable transfer pipettes
  • SolSep® 2001 Aflatoxin Columns

Materials required but not supplied

  • for soy and corn/soy blend: 86/14 (v:v) acetonitrile/water extraction solvent (acetonitrile must be HPLC grade)
  • 80/20 (v:v) methanol/water extraction solvent
  • Romer Series III fluorometer or FQ-Reader with printer
  • set of calibrator ampoules
  • blender
  • blender jars
  • extraction jars or containers
  • vortex mixer
  • scale
  • syringe plunger and stopper assembly
  • repipettor
  • pipettes - 1000 µL and 500 µL
  • test tube rack
  • graduated cylinder - 100 mL
  • funnel
  • timer
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