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BiopureTM Fumonisin B1 - 50 µg/mL in acetonitrile

Mycotoxins | SH-FUM B1 in ACN
Grouped product items
Article numberQuantityAnalyteMolecular weightFormulaPackagingVersion Availability
10000330 (002003)5 mLFumonisin B1, 50 µg/ml721.83C34H59NO15
Limited availability
10003642 (S02003)1 mLFumonisin B1, 50 µg/mL721.83C34H59NO15
Limited availability
100067215 mLFumonisin B1, 50 µg/mL721.83C34H59NO155 mLISO 17034 RM
Limited availability
100067235 mLFumonisin B1, 50 µg/mL721.83C34H59NO151 mLISO 17034 RM
Limited availability


BiopureTM calibrants are high quality mycotoxin reference materials characterized by independent methods and accompanied by a certificate of analysis created in accordance with ISO Guide 31 and Eurachem guidelines.


Item nameFumonisin B1 - 50 µg/mL in acetonitrile
Storage temperature2°C - 8°C
SolventAcetonitrile/Water 50/50
Molecular weight (g/mol)721,83
CAS Number116355-83-0


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