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MycoSep® Trich

MycoSep | SH-MycoSep Trich
Grouped product items
Article numberSizeNumber of columnsDetails Availability
10001949 (COCMY2113mba)1-3 mL of extract25
MycoSep 113 Trich
Limited availability
10001952 (COCMY2225mba)3-5 mL of extract25
MycoSep 225 Trich
Limited availability
10001954 (COCMY2227mba)5-8 mL of extract25
MycoSep 227 Trich+
Limited availability


MycoSep® columns contain a mixture of adsorbent materials designed for clean-up of all relevant food and feed commodities. These cost efficient clean-up columns are part of official AOAC and CEN methods and allow high sample throughput.


Item nameMycoSep Trich
Storage temperature15°C - 25°C


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