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Boot Cover Swabs

Microbiology | SH-BTSW
Grouped product items
Article numberSizeQuantityBufferPackaging Availability
10001904 (BTSW001BPW)24 oz, 0.7 L Bag100Buffered Peptone Water1 swab per bag
10001905 (BTSW001DRY)24 oz, 0.7 L Bag100Dry1 swab per bag
10001906 (BTSW001SM)24 oz, 0.7 L Bag100Skim Milk1 swabs per bag
10001907 (BTSW022BPW)24 oz, 0.7 L Bag100Buffered Peptone Water2 swabs per bag
10001908 (BTSW022DRY)24 oz, 0.7 L Bag100Dry2 swabs per bag
10001910 (BTSW022SM)24 oz, 0.7 L Bag100Skim Milk2 swabs per bag
1000629655 oz, 1.62 L bag 150Skim Milk1 swab per bag
Limited availability
1000629755 oz, 1.62 L bag 100Skim Milk2 swabs per bag


Boot Cover Swab kits are sterile sampling devices used to sample poultry litter for pathogenic organisms such as Salmonella. The Boot Cover Swabs are made out of a 5.9” x 5.9” (15 cm x 15 cm) biocide-free cotton-polyester blend fabric sewn in a sock shape with an integrated elastic band sewn into the top in order to aid in securing it to the boot. Available dry or pre-moistened with either skim milk or buffered peptone water, packaged in a twirl–tie lab bag. The bags can be opened easily with attached pull tabs and include a label area for sample identification. Boot Cover Swabs are  irradiated for proven sterility.


PLM Item NameBoot Cover Swabs
Storage temperature15°C - 25°C


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