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FluoroQuant® Aflatoxin

Mycotoxins | SH-FluoroQuant Aflatoxin
Grouped product items
Article numberLimit of detectionDetails Availability
10002176 (COKFA1010)
3 ppb
Limited availability
10002178 (COKFA1020)
Concentrate Set
Limited availability
10002185 (COKFA2040)
FluoroQuant Calibration Set
Limited availability
10002186 (COKFA3070)
0.5 ppb
Limited availability
10002188 (COKFA4000mba)
FluorQuant clean-up column
Limited availability
10002192 (COKFA4020)
Limited availability


The FluoroQuant® Aflatoxin Plus test kit is a rapid, quantitative fluorometric test for detection of total aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2), based on a solid phase extraction clean-up.


PLM Item NameFluoroQuant® Aflatoxin
Storage temperature2°C - 8°C
Number of tests25

Materials supplied in the standard product

  • developer concentrate vials
  • diluent
  • 12x75 mm cuvettes with caps
  • pipette tips
  • filter paper
  • disposable transfer pipettes
  • SolSep® 2001 Aflatoxin Columns

Materials required but not supplied

  • for soy and corn/soy blend: 86/14 (v:v) acetonitrile/water extraction solvent (acetonitrile must be HPLC grade)
  • 80/20 (v:v) methanol/water extraction solvent
  • Romer Series III fluorometer or FQ-Reader with printer
  • set of calibrator ampoules
  • blender
  • blender jars
  • extraction jars or containers
  • vortex mixer
  • scale
  • syringe plunger and stopper assembly
  • repipettor
  • pipettes - 1000 µL and 500 µL
  • test tube rack
  • graduated cylinder - 100 mL
  • funnel
  • timer
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