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iopureTM U-[13C24]-T-2 Toxin - 25 µg/mL in acetonitrile, 5 mL

Mycotoxins | 10006994
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13C isotope fully labelled mycotoxins are internal standards for mass spectrometry. All the carbon atoms in the molecules are replaced by the stable carbon isotype. With 13C fully labelled mycotoxin standards, recovery losses from sample preparation and matrix effects in the MS source can be eliminated.


PLM Item NameU-(13C24) T-2 TOXIN , 25 UG/ML, 5 ML
Storage temperature2°C - 8°C
Quantity/Amount5 mL
Analyte13C T-2 Toxin
Molecular weight (g/mol)490,35
CAS Number21259-20-1 (unlabeled)
Concentration25 µg/mL
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