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RapidChek® CONFIRM STEC Confirmation Reagents

Pathogens | SH-STEC Confirmation Reagents
Grouped product items
Article numberApprovalsQuantityNumber of testsDetails Availability
10001433 (7000290)USDA6 bottles of each serogroup (5mL each)100
standard kit - 6 bottles of IMS beads and 3 PBST packets
10001727 (7000290-O103)USDA5 mL100
5 mL O103 beads
Limited availability
10001728 (7000290-O111)USDA5 mL100
5 mL O111 beads
Limited availability
10001729 (7000290-O121)USDA5 mL100
5 mL O121 beads
Limited availability
10001730 (7000290-O145)USDA5 mL100
5 mL O145 beads
Limited availability
10001731 (7000290-O157)n/a5 mL100
5 mL O157 beads
Limited availability
10001732 (7000290-O26)USDA5 mL100
5 mL O26 beads
10001733 (7000290-O45)USDA5 mL100
5 mL O45 beads


The RapidChek® CONFIRM™ non-O157 STEC IMS confirmation kit uses specific, high-affinity antibodies, each attached to separate magnetic particles. Should any of the non-O157 STECs be present, it will bind to the magnetic particles via the antibody. When the sample is plated to selective agar for confirmation, E. coli O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, and O145 are the predominant colonies that form, increasing the likelihood of picking that organism from a plate.


PLM Item NameRapidChek® CONFIRM™ STEC Confirmation Reagents
Storage temperature2°C - 8°C

Materials supplied in the standard product

  • IMS beads
  • PBST packets (3)

Materials required but not supplied

  • magnetic separation rack
  • vortex mixer
  • microcentrifuge tubes


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