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RapidChek® SELECTSalmonella Enteritidis Confirmation System

Pathogens | SH-Salmonella Enteriditis Confirmation System
Grouped product items
Article numberApprovalsNumber of testsDetails Availability
10001400 (7000225)AOAC, FDA100
IMS beads, PBST packet and microcentrifuge tubes
10001401 (7000226)AOAC, FDA250
250 strips, pipettes, tubes, 500 g primary media, 250 mL supplement, 4 x 10 g secondary media, IMS beads, PBST packet, 100 microcentrifuge tubes
Limited availability


The use of the RapidChek® CONFIRM™ SE IMS kit reduces the presence of other non-SE, Salmonella species through washing steps and concentrates the Group D1 species.


PLM Item NameRapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Enteritidis Confirmation System
Storage temperature2°C - 8°C

Materials supplied in the standard product

  • IMS beads
  • PBST packet
  • tubes

Materials required but not supplied

  • magnetic separation rack
  • vortex mixer
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