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AgraStrip® FeedChek Meat and Bone Meal

MBM | SH-FeedChek MBM
Grouped product items
Article numberNumber of testsDetails Availability
10001388 (7000201)20
Limited availability
10001389 (7000202)
buffer only
10001390 (7000203)20
strips only
Limited availability


The AgraStrip® FeedChek™ test kit for the detection of meat and bone meal (MBM) is designed to detect the presence of MBM in animal feedstuffs (e.g., raw materials, finished feeds). In order to accommodate user-specific requirements, the AgraStrip® FeedChek™ MBM kit incorporates 2 tests into 1 test strip. One test indicates the presence of mammalian and/or avian MBM in the sample and the second test indicates the presence of mammalian MBM in the sample.


PLM Item NameAgraStrip® FeedChek Meat and Bone Meal
Storage temperature15°C - 25°C

Materials supplied in the standard product

  • MBM test strips
  • an extraction buffer
  • extraction cups
  • a sample scoop
  • tongue depressors and a package insert
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