Romer Labs writes history

Making the World’s Food Safer® - This has been Romer Labs’ abiding passion for almost 35 years, and is what continues to inspire us as we innovate and grow. 

Since our founding in 1982, Romer Labs has grown to become a leading global supplier of diagnostic solutions today. 

And here is our story.

1982 - 1998

It all started in 1982 when Romer Labs Inc. was founded by Tom and Marie Romer in Washington, MO. Initially a testing service company for mycotoxins, the company soon started expanding the scope and size of its business. 

In 1987, Romer Labs Inc. moved to its current location in Union, MO. Eight years later in 1995, the company launched its first mycotoxin test kit (FluoroQuant®).

Office Union, USA
1987: Union Office, USA
First mycotoxin test kit
1995: First mycotoxin test kit

1999 - 2009

The year 1999 represents a major milestone for Romer Labs. That was the year when ERBER AG (Austrian Holding Company) acquired the company and Tom Romer retired. 

A strong growth decade soon followed in 2002. This began with the creation of the Romer Labs Group concept, and the subsequent setting up of Regional Business Units in the US, Austria and Singapore. 

That same year, Romer Labs Diagnostic was founded in Austria. A year later, the Romer Labs Group concept was fully established, with the opening of Romer Labs Singapore in 2004. 

Brazilian market expansion followed in 2007 with the founding of Romer Labs do Brasil in Campinas.

In 2009, Quantas Analytics and Biopure Reference materials became part of Romer Labs® Diagnostic GmbH.

That same year, Romer Labs made a big leap into the Chinese market with the opening of Romer Labs® (Beijing) Co. Ltd

Acquisition by ERBER AG
1999: Acquisition by ERBER AG
2002: Romer Labs Office Tulln
2002: Romer Labs Office Tulln
2004: Romer Labs Office Singapore
2004: Romer Labs Office Singapore

2010 - present

The year 2010 was marked by several key developments and strategic partnerships, paving the way for Romer Labs’ global business growth. 

Romer Labs UK Ltd. was established in 2010 to serve the British and Irish markets. With this came cooperation agreements for rapid food allergens testing with ifp, further broadening the product portfolio of Romer Labs. 

The same year, Romer Labs partnered with SDIX on a global agreement for GMO testing.  

Romer Labs Malaysia was formed after the acquisition of Renogenic in 2010. In 2012, Romer Labs successfully bought out the SDIX Food Safety and GMO Business. This reinforced the company’s commitment as a complete supplier of food safety solutions.

In 2013 the ground was laid for the construction of the new global Romer Labs headquarters: the ERBER Group Campus in Getzersdorf, Austria. The move to the new headquarters was completed in May 2015, the same year the company established Romer Labs Ukraine and concluded its successful acquisition of TRANSIA, a major player in the German microbiology market.

Office United Kingdom
2010: Romer Labs UK
Office Getzersdorf
2015: New headquarters in Getzersdorf, Austria
Office Germany
2015: Acquisition of TRANSIA, Germany