The Romer Labs


Looking for an accessible proficiency testing program to ensure the accuracy of your laboratory analysis? Look no further than the Check-Sample-Survey (CSS) by Romer Labs. Designed for mycotoxins and food allergens, the CSS serves all stages of the agro-food supply chain.

The Check-Sample-Survey (CSS) is a crucial tool for modern laboratory quality management, providing participants with high-quality information about the performance of their respective laboratory analysis. By participating in the Check-Sample-Survey, you can ensure that your laboratory is operating at the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Although the organization of the CSS program is based in Romer Labs' headquarters in Austria, the company leverages its extensive network of subsidiaries and partners to ensure that testing samples reach even the most remote laboratories worldwide.

Check-Sample-Survey Procedure

  1. Sourcing of materials and homogeneity testing
  2. Packaging and distribution through Romer Labs channels
  3. Participants analyze samples and return results
  4. Statistical data analysis
  5. Distribution of reports